Trucos para Celulares Samsung

*#9998*9266# -> Yann debug screen (=Debug Screens?)
*#9998*9999# -> Software version

*0001*s*f*t# -> Changes serial parameters (s=?, f=0,1, t=0,1) (incomplete)
*0002*?# -> desconocido
*0003*?# -> desconocido

SP-unlock SGH-600 and SGH 2100

*2767*3855# -> Full EEPROM Reset ( THIS CODE REMOVES SP-LOCK!! )
But also changes IMEI to 447967-89-400044-0, To restore your old IMEI use the IMEI program found on the software page.

*2767*2878# -> Custom EEEPROM Reset

Estos cóigos han sido probados en móviles con versión FLD_2C6 G60SB03X of Samsung SGH-600

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